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3 Reasons why to Book Off-Season Travel

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Experienced travelers know there’s a code when it comes to travel seasons. High season, low season, shoulder season and off-season – your choice of travel season can make a big difference to your travel experience with our premium travel agency.

Is there a perfect time to travel? Well, there are at least 3 good reasons to take ‘off’ season trips. Here’s why. ‘High’ season is when everyone is traveling. High seasons are the busiest, most expensive, ‘prime-time’ travel periods.

Some ‘high’ seasons are due to ‘non-negotiable’ travel events. Think about the ones scheduled around school breaks and essential family holidays like Thanksgiving. Whether or not you want to fight the crowds, risk the delays caused by disruptive snowstorms, and pay through the nose, you’ll be at your parents’ table in time for festival.

Others are due to weather. Sometimes you’re aiming for opposite weather, like traveling from the chilly North in the winter to warm up in the sunny islands. And sometimes, you’re heading towards your ideal conditions of what you already have, like leaving the dirty snow of the city for the perfect powder on the slopes.

1. Lower Prices and More Perks

Everything is less costly in the off-season, from flights and hotels to packaged tours and cruises. On top of lower prices, you can also score perks that can allow you to stay longer, take more of your favorite people with you, or get freebie inclusions.

Book early or last minute, and you could increase the savings. (Booking early is best for people who like the most choice, but if spontaneity is your thing, last-minute off-season journey can be very rewarding.)

You can save your pocket, or use them to upgrade to a more luxurious experience, or book special treats, like spa treatments, special dining experiences, even a pricier locally-made souvenir than you might contrarily indulge in.

Flexibility is always the key to enjoying off-season travel.

2. Fewer People

If you’re the kind of person who hates line ups and crowds, the off-season is the one for you. Why spend your time waiting in line to go up the Eiffel Tower, when you could be having your second café au lait while people-watching at a pretty and pleasant sidewalk café?

Locals unwind, unravel and free once the high season is over, too. They have more time to spend with the guests who do arrive. The relaxed pace of off-season can give you some of the most memorable exchanges with the people you meet on your journey.

3. Special Events

There’s only one harvest season in a vineyard. Like A short window of time when the cherry blossoms are in the bloom. And a few short weeks when the Christmas markets are open. That's what high season is all about.

But more and more destinations are creating local events to extend their tourism seasons - events that are not contingent upon Mother Nature or long-standing cultural traditions. In many places, shoulder seasons are becoming the most exciting time to visit. We all know The Culinary and wine tasting and those music festivals, races, and marathons and yoga retreats, art shows and especially film festivals. No matter what your interest, there’s likely a fascinating destination with an off-season event celebrating and enjoying it.

In this season is right on the edge between high and low seasons. It’s not the height of perfect weather or timing, but it isn't the worst, either, and for the right travelers and sure it could be perfect. That's the 'off'-season sweet spot with our premium travel services.

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